HWANG CHERNG BIN (HCB) Specialty Tools Inc.


Founded in 1990, HWANG CHERNG BIN (HCB) Specialty Tools Inc. Plays an innovative role in specialty, auto and truck tools for Mercedes Benz and BMW , Audi , Honda, Volkwagen....etc . vehicles.  Today, it supplies a wide variety of tools including general tools, engine repair tools, transmission repair tools, panel repair tools, tire repair tools, and etc., especially chassis repair tools.
In order to keep up with market trends, H.C.B has a pioneering R&D team to develop over five hundred kinds of specialty, auto and truck tools

We are also in strategic alliance with a national university in Taiwan and own a research room in the campus.  Currently, H.C.B has more than 40 patents in Taiwan, Germany, U.S,A., and Japan. Thus, we can meet our customers' special requirements around the world.
H.C.B’s new plant facilities cover 4201 square meters. When finished in March of the year, the company will have a spacious working space, testing lab, sample room, training rooms and employee break rooms that will effectively increase working efficiency.
The core value of H.C.B consists of the finest design, the best service and the prime quality.

H.C.B is the only truck repair tool R&D Company in Taiwan, and gets government allowance for designing new product.