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Automotive Air Condition Clutch Tool Kit

For disassembly and assembly of air conditioning clutches
Suitable for following A/C compressors (clutches):
Saden SD5, SD7, SD 505, 507, 510, 575, 708, 709
Zexel (Mitsubishi)
Nippon Denso 6P, 10P
Chrysler C171
Ford FS6
Hitachi MJ
Tecumseh HR 980
Delphi / Harrison (GM)  R4, A6, HR-6, V5, DA6

Includes following tools:
Adjustable locking pin wrench
Clutch friction plate puller
Puller plate (2 / 3 holes), with spindle and mounting screws
Disassembly / assembly tool, SAE thread, ball bearings
Disassembly / assembly tool, ISO thread, ball bearings