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Alyva kondicionieriams hibridinių automobilių

Kondicionierių kompresoriaus alyva hibridiniams automobiliams

A/C alyva kondicionierių kompresoriams hibridiniams automobiliams ND-11 (OEMApproved), Spotgun pistoletui, 120ml.

Hybrid Ester Oil Cartridge

Hybrid ESTER Oil Cartridge 8oz/240ml.

Hybrid vehicle air conditioning systems are different and require specific POE Oil that is low in moisture and free of any cross-contamination with other oils.
For use with Spotgun, the world’s most popular and professional injection method. Pull the trigger to inject a precise amount of oil and you’re done!
Today’s vehicles require precise amounts of oil. Spotgun oil cartridges utilize the Spotgun injection system to inject a precise measured amount of A/C Oil while eliminating moisture contamination in the oil.