AMT 20-A04
Svoris: kg

Kontaktų valiklis

Contact Cleaner
Elektros kontaktų valiklis aerozolis 250ml. Greitai pašalina riebalus, oksidaciją, purvą ir drėgmę.

Product description
Electric contacts cleaner.
Modern, fast-acting formula.

Product features
Modern, fast-acting formula for cleaning of contacts and devices of electric components and systems.
Leaves no build-up nor bloom after application.
Removes grease, dirt, blooms and various build-ups from spark plugs an other electrical equipment.
Facilitates motor ignition, ensures correct functioning of electrical system.

How to use
Before application shake the container strongly several times in order to thoroughly mix the product.
Secure other lacquered surfaces against spraying.
Apply large amount of preparation to the surface of an item to be cleaned.
Remove excess of the preparation with clean and dry cloth.