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  • Anglies dioksido dujų CO2 testeris. Rinkinys 2 dalių: mėginių ėmiklis, reaktyvusis skystis 480ml. Prietaisas skirtas diagnozuoti variklio galvutės, tarpinės bloko hermetiškumą.

    Combustion Leak Tester Kit

    A Fast, Economical and Accurate method to test for combustion gas leaks from:

    Head gasket leaks
    Cylinder head leaks
    Engine block leaks

    NEW & IMPROVED! Dual-Chamber for Higher Accuracy Test

    The tester features a dual-chamber design for higher accuracy to eliminate false readings. The first chamber will filter out any alkaline particles that could result in a false indication of a combustion leak. Test results in the second chamber will provide a true indication of a combustion leak.

    Works on Gasoline and Diesel engines.


    Dual-chamber tester
    Tester Fluid (16 oz./480 ml)
    Operating instructions

    Positive Proof that a leak is present when the Tester Fluid changes color!

    Gasoline Engine:
    Tester Fluid changes from blue to yellow.

    Diesel Engine:
    Tester Fluid changes from blue to green.