Dyzelinių kuro purkštukų tvirtinimo varžto sriegio remonto rinkinys M6x1

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    Kaina 12200 su PVM
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  • Dyzelinių kuro purkštukų tvirtinimo varžtų sriegio remonto rinkinys.

    Sriegio remonto įvorės vidinis sriegis diametras M6x1
    Sriegio remonto įvorės išorinis sriegis diametras M8x1
    Tinka varikliams Mercedes-Benz CDI ir kt.


    suitable for Mercedes-Benz CDI engines
    for reaming the broken-off expansion bolt & repairing the M6 thread in the cylinder head
    time saving as the replacement of the cylinder head and the removal of injectors and valve covers is not necessary
    damaged thread is reworked to size M8x1

    1 twist drill 6mm, with adjusting ring for drilled depth
    1 step drill 7mm to 8mm, with adjusting ring for drilled depth
    1 guide sleeve for 6mm twist drill
    1 tap M8x1
    1 assembly tool for threaded inserts
    5 threaded inserts, inner thread M6x1 / outer thread M8x1