Indikatorius analoginis 0-10mm 0.01mm

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  • Indikatorius analoginis magnetinei bazei, paklaida 0.01mm, eiga 0-10mm. Laikrodinis indikatorius, korpusas iš aliuminio, be tvirtinimo ąselės.

    DIAL INDICATOR 10/0.01
    With turnable scale and two adjustable tolerance indexes. Extra pointer that indicates whole millimetres. Body made of aluminium. Replaceable measuring tip. Without mounting lug. Tolerance according to DIN 878.

    ETIM class code: EC003591
    Measurement units: mm
    Design: Analogue
    Measurement range, total: 10mm
    Scale: 0-100 100-0
    Diameter, dial: 58mm
    One pointer turn =: 1mm
    Scale graduation: 0.01mm
    Securing pin diameter: 8mm