Indukcinis šildytuvas 1.5kW

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  • Indukcinės šilumos šildytuvas, rinkinys.

    principle of operation:
    there is an alternating magnetic field, the metallic object (e.g. nut), in the induction coil, acts on the induced eddy currents as an electrical resistance and thus heats up
    allows heating of screws/nuts without heating surrounding components too much or even destroying them, as it is often the case when heated with a torch
    within the shortest possible time, e.g. rusty nuts are heated and can be loosened
    using on e. g. ball joint pinch bolts and other items on axle and engine
    a formless coil (length: 800 mm) allows using the device also for heating of components (bearings, etc.) e.g. bearings in which the heating facilitates disassembly or assembly

    includes the following induction coils
    induction coil: 19 mm, length: 220 mm (for Ø 10-16 mm)
    induction coil: 27 mm, length: 220 mm (for Ø 17-24 mm)
    induction coil: 50 mm, length: 235 mm (for heating small surfaces)
    formless coil, 780 mm, for heating of components
    max. power: 1.5 kW
    max. current: 7.5 A
    Technical data
    Power supply frequency 50 - 60 Hz
    Power supply voltage (AC) 230 V
    Length 200 mm
    Width 140 mm
    Height 75 mm
    CE Standard Yes
    Protection class IP 20
    Gross weight 5166 g