Klijai epoksidiniai skystas metalas

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    Kaina 370 su PVM
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  • Klijai epoksidiniai skystas metalas 2-jų komponentų 56g. Sukietėja per 4 minutes, plataus naudojimo, ypatingai tvirti, atsparūs temperatūrai iki 150°C. Cold Welding Compound 4 Minutes

    Product description
    Cold Welding Compound 4 Minutes.
    Quickly curing epoxy and steel mass.

    Product features
    The MA Professional compound is a quickly curing mass made of epoxide and steel intended for repair of damaged/cracked parts made of various metal alloys, wood, ceramic, plastics and many other materials.
    It effectively repairs cracked engine blocks, coolers, enclosures of mechanical assemblies, damaged connections of radiators and a number of other items.
    The product forms a very hard bond resistant to temperature of up to 150oC and is resistant to automotive, gear and hydraulic oils, petrol, water and many other substances.
    Depending on the ambient temperature, the initial curing takes place within 4 to 10 minutes.