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Orapūtė su priedais 2000W 220V 600°C

  • Orapūtė su priedais 2000W 220V 600°C

    Kaina 2700 su PVM
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  • Orapūtė elektrinė su priedais. Techninis fenas.

    Įtampa 220-240V, 50Hz
    Galingumas, 1pakopa - 1000W
    Galingumas, 2pakopa - 2000W
    Temperatūra, 1pakopa - 350°C
    Temperatūra, 2pakopa - 600°C
    Oro srautas, 1pakopa - 300L/min
    Oro srautas, 2pakopa - 500L/min
    4vnt. Antgaliai
    CE atitiktis


    Removal of paint
    Defrosting metal water Pipes
    Forming and welding plastic
    Reducing heat shrinking tube

    The heat gun has two settings:
    Low heat (position 1): for use where the work surface or surrounding must not be allowed to get too hot.
    Suggested: bending plastic, heat shrinking plastic.
    High heat (position 2): for faster heat up time of the work surface where you can also operate the gun at a greater distance.
    Suggested: welding plastic, paint stripping, defrosting pipes, removing vinyl floor tiles, soldering.

    Voltage (V) 220-240
    Frequency (Hz) 50
    Cable length (m) 1.8
    Position I II
    Rate Power(W) (I) 1000 (II) 2000
    Temperature (℃) (I) 350 (II) 600
    Air flow (L/min) (I) 300 (II) 500
    Protection class Double insulated