Pneumatinis pistoletas antikorozinėms priemonėms

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    Kaina 2300 su PVM
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  • Pistoletas antikorozinėms priemonėms (graviteksui). Pneumatinis. Su žarnele. Oro padavimas 1/4".

    Coating gun, Maintenance gun, designed for the maintenance of for example closed profiles. The product casing is made of aluminium, so the gun is light and handy. The maximum operating pressure of the device is 12 BAR and the hose length is 600 mm. The product also features a practical clip, which enables conveniently putting aside the product after completing the work. The CE certificate proves the high quality of the tool.

    Product characteristics:
    Designed for maintenance of closed profiles
    Low product weight
    Practical clip

    Technical specifications:
    Maximum pressure: 12 BAR
    Operating pressure: 6 BAR
    Air consumption: 300 l/min
    Casing material: aluminium
    Hose length: 600 mm
    CE certificate