Skaitmeninis termometras nuo -20°C iki +500°C

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    Kaina 16900 su PVM
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  • Bekontaktis infraraudonųjų spindulių termometras. Matuojamos temperatūros diapazonas nuo -20ºC iki +500ºC.

    Infrared thermometer
    Laser pistol for non contact temperature measurement
    Ideally suited for the automotive sector, industrial, and construction usage Chemical and foodsuffs industry
    Laser measuring beam with a red measuring point
    Illuminating Display
    LCD Digital display
    Automatic swiching off
    Includes 9V block battery
    Sturdy plastic housing

    Application range
    In turning motors, difficult to access places, fluids, under current line directions, in heating appliances, gas and, air-conditioning, coolent systems, brake discs aggressive chemicals and groceries

    Readout: LCD display
    Material1: plastic case
    Power requirement: 9V block battery
    Power output max: 1mW
    Emission factor: adjust to 0.95
    Switchable: °C / °F
    Switch modus for spectral area: 0,85 - 0,90 - 0,95 µm
    Packaging contents: 1
    Working range: -20°C - 500°C
    Function attribute 1: automatic swiching off
    Weight [g]: 135