Testeris išmetimo dujų CO2 reaktyvusis skystis 250ml

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    Kaina 1500 su PVM
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  • Anglies dioksido dujų CO2 testeris. Rinkinys: reaktyvusis skystis 250ml. Skystis skirtas diagnozuoti variklio galvutės bloko tarpinės hermetiškumą.

    Combustion Lead Tester Fluid
    Reaction liquid for co² and tester
    Contrast tool to cylinder head sealing moisture testing
    For example for a cylinder head gasket Hi-Speed tester
    Contrast medium allows the measurement co² levels to get early detection of leaks between the combustion area and cooling system of vehicles with petrol, diesel and gas engines
    The contents of the plastic bottle is 250ml